Restore the balance your body and mind with our meditation sessions that will help you relax and regain your inner peace. We do not only offer you the daily guided meditation but also private sessions of mindful meditation exercises and life coaching.

Our meditation and relaxation retreats are a combination of learning, understanding, playful practice, getting in-sight (self awareness) by mirroring on life questions and Buddhist philosophy, relaxation and enjoying your holidays in a special way in a nice atmosphere, culture and wellness environment.



Khun Frans (Frans Captijn), originally for over 30 years a Dutch CEO in fire-brigade, ambulance service and (international) crisis and disaster management, has a passion to draw out the best in people.

For more than eight years he studied and practiced meditation, philosophy, personal development, organizational development and change, life- &talent coaching, in Holland, Belgium, Europe and Thailand.

He is host, catalyst and certified life coach and talenteer at the regular Captijn Insight work-programs, retreats and workshops; ‘Catalyst in developing tranquility & In-sight to get new sustainable flow in life, love, family, career and work’ in Thailand. Programs for individuals, couples and/or teams at The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort.

He is author of the (Dutch) book: ‘Search for personal mastery’ and working on a second one: ‘’Hidden forces on & growth and development of people and organizations’.

It's inspiring (inspirational) to Frans, living his ideal in Thailand, to tell and let people and organizations witness how beautiful they (as human being and organization) are and what they can do with their (latent) inner strength, talents and wisdom.

At The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort, working for Asia Healthcare Tourism Co. Ltd., Frans is life-/talent coach and guiding meditation, relaxation & breathing classes. He is teaching Buddhist philosophy, mind science and mindful communication. He offers private Numerology / life reading as well as Heart coherence sessions. Also he is guide in body re-balancing movement, stress relief, labyrinth walk, hiking, bike ride, communication café, and inspiring campfire meetings.

In his regular role as guide, host, catalyst and talenteer, he does not overfeed with information, but he creates challenges to feel, attend and learn in a creative, non-conventional, way. You will certainly experience this all during one of his inspirational programs / retreats / workshops or classes.

Meditation Packages