The 4 day, 3 night OM Yoga Retreat is appropriate for all levels and is designed for anyone who is interested in deepening their yoga asana practice through a greater understanding of essential concepts of yoga philosophy and spirituality. In our daily talks, we will discuss 2000 year old ideas such as the original definition of yoga and the very first description of asana (yoga pose). These concepts will help inspire and refine our yoga asana practice and guide us along our spiritual path.

During our daily Yoga Asana Practice we will also bring our attention to postural alignment and anatomy, and we will explore the ways in which awareness of the physical body can affect the subtle energy body (chakras, prana, nadis, etc). Classes will be in the Hatha-Vinyasa style, which emphasizes the flow of breath with movement. Our daily Yoga Asana Practice will also include basic pranayama (breathing exercises) as well as a regular meditation practice.

As we open our minds and bodies to the “steadiness and ease” (stirum sukham asanam) within every pose, we will begin to experience the true meaning of the word yoga and its incredible transformative powers. It is in this way that we will explore philosophical concepts through practical experience, strengthening our physical and mental foundation and welcoming a greater sense of health and balance into our lives.

OM YOGA RETREAT (4 days / 3 nights)

  • 3-night accommodation of your choice
  • Round-trip airport transfer
  • 3 morning juice and tea or seasonal fruits
  • 3 vegetarian breakfast
  • 3 vegetarian lunch
  • 3 vegetarian dinner
  • 8 hours of Yoga Asana practice
  • 3 hours of Yoga Philosophy & Spiritual
  • 2 sessions of 60-minute Thai massage
  • 2 sessions of 30-minute Thai herbal steam or far infrared sauna

•    The above rates are quoted in Thai baht and inclusive of 10% service charge and applicable government tax.

Please note that all people undergoing surgeries must consult with their personal doctor and surgeon.

Please book 7 days in advance.