Mind Manage Training

8 – Days Mind Manage Training at The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort in Thailand

Why do I have to work on my mind?

What’s the most important in you? What controls your speech? What controls your behavior? What controls your actions? What controls your thinking? All that is your mind. And this mind, your mind, is less and less in control. Without even knowing you and your environment stress it up.

Who actually is the master of your mind, your life? Your monkey mind or you? You are not even aware you are a slave of your own mind. Because you are not the master of your mind, your mind starts to make errors, you create all your suffering in life for yourself and even for your environment.

Time to wake up and to learn about and train your mind to get control. To calm the monkey down and become more and more the master of your own mind. So that you can be a better and more successful individual, family member, team player, colleague or boss.

We offer the 8-days Mind Manage Training Thailand workshop, in consultation, every Friday.

Please contact us for more information of attractive deals at retreat@thepavana.com

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