Christmas meditation holiday special in Thailand

10-days Captijn Insight Christmas special meditation holiday in cooperation with The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort, Thailand.

“End of December, time to stop everything, to connect with yourself in nature and to come back to the core of life again.”

This year a total different Christmas? Take a break, a time-out. Why not taking the time for yourself, to come back to the core of life again, in a beautiful different comfort zone?

Leave the family’s / world Christmas ‘celebration’ for what other people make of it!

With our stunning 10-day (9 nights) end of the year (December 19th – 28th 2018) ‘meditation holiday’ we offer you a base to make up your balance sheet, to recharge and to prepare for the next year to come. In connection with the rhythm of the season. 

Our possibility:
Christmas Meditation Holiday:
Tuesday December 19th – Thursday December 28th 2018.

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